John Presland Vaillant
and Worcester Bosch Installer

My ambition was always to be a heating and plumbing engineer. I left school at 16 and did a 3 year apprenticeship at Brunel College, Ashley Down, Bristol. This culminated in a City & Guilds qualification in Plumbing with completion of my apprenticeship in plumbing and mechanical engineering in 1986

I started work for my father’s central heating company ‘J F Presland Ltd.’ After working for my Dad’s business for about 6 years I set up my own business which has now been running successfully for over 20 years. My Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) courses were taken at Gas Flare Ltd. Immediately after which they asked me to fit out their new training centre. After the fit out of the training center I was asked if I would like to become a an instructor for the training center, I declined their kind offer. Throughout my career I have continued to live and work around Redland, building up a wide range of experience of all types of plumbing and heating systems. I carry out all the work myself without any sub-contacting and take pride in giving my customers a personal and expert service. For a free quotation call 01179837442 Evenings, 07973530959 Day, or by mail info@johnpresland.co.uk

Customer satisfaction is paramount


Services supplied by myself include:

City and Guilds Plumbing

Gas boiler servicing trouble shooting and repairs all types.

Energy Efficiency (Course Part L) City and Guilds

Gas boiler replacements all types below 70kw.

ASC Domestic Nat Gas Safety

Hot water systems installed. Upgrades to tank feed or pressurized mains feed systems, gas or solar.

ACS Cooking Appliances

Full heating system installed including under floor heating.

ACS Fires and Wall heaters

Full heating and plumbing systems supplied and installed to new or old Buildings.

ACS Heating Boilers

System cleaning with a Kamco power flush kit & Kamco Combimag magnetic power flush filter.

ACS Water Heating Appliances

System trouble shooting and repair.

Corgi Registered Since 1992

Any type of plumbing from a new water mains to a dripping tap.

bpec Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems

Vaillant Solar Course


Vaillant and Worcester Bosch Heating

All systems/upgrades are installed to Part L Building Regulations, more info can be found Building Regulations Part L – Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC)

I fit mainly Vaillant heating solutions because after years of using all types of manufactures I always end up back with Vaillant and now with the EcoTec range of boilers we can’t go wrong. Because I am a Valliant approved installer I can offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty as standard. Great back up and support from Vaillant both for the customer and installer. Vaillant have a new training centre here in Bristol Aztec West where I have attended the EcoTec training course. The EcoTec range of boilers have the best onboard diagnostic to date making fault finding and troubleshooting so much easyer than any other boiler I have come across not that its needed. Vaillant do modifie the boiler when problems arise with the design. All of the modifications so far have been due to the boilers being installed on drity heating systems. I take a lot of care cleaning old heating system before installing a new boiler, and always fit aFernox TF1 filter. Worcester Bosch have a great line of boiler’s with the GreenStar range also, both Worcester and Vaillant are very leliable boiler’s.

Most problems with modern boilers are due to the installer not following the proper code of practices. This can be down to poor system design or not cleaning the system as per the manufactures instructions. I use the Kamco power flushing system along with the Kamco power flushing magnetic filer to clean the system.

After each installation the job will be notified by myself to the Local Building Control on your behalf who will issue you a Building Regulations Certificate of Compliance, for you to include in your Home Information Pack.

All heating systems are power flushed unless it is clear that the system dose not need flushing due to proper maintenance of the system.

Fernox MB1 or F1 will be added at the end of each job and for added protection a Fernox TF1 Filter is fitted as standard.


The Benchmark Scheme

What is Benchmark? Benchmark is the nationally-recognised Scheme that places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers to ensure best practice in the installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic heating and hot water products in line with Building Regulations in England and Wales. It is managed and promoted by the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC).
Benchmark covers all aspects of installation and servicing to deliver the following benefits:
• Installations carried out competently to manufacturer’s instructions so that it operates safely and at optimum performance
• Demonstrating compliance with Building Regulations
• Support for competent installers and increased isolation of unregulated or illegal installers
• A means for members of Competent Persons Schemes to notify local authorities about commissioning. Assurance for product suppliers that products are installed correctly, such that there is a reduction in warranty callouts and an improvement in after-sales support
• Customer protection and advice
• Encouraging regular servicing and maintenance
• Contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

How does Benchmark work?

Manufacturers and product suppliers sign up to the Scheme Requirements to supply products which meet all required standards and provide support to installers and customers in the supply and after-sales service related to their products.
Installers work to a clear, effective Code of Practice to competently install, commission and service products in lie with manufacturers’ instructions and provide support to the customer. Customers receive documented evidence that their product has been correctly installed and is left operating at optimum efficiency receive clear information about how to continue to ensure optimum performance and efficiency from the product supplied; any servicing requirements and gain access to effective advice and assistance from installers and product suppliers.


The Benchmark Scheme is focused on domestic heating and hot water equipment and related products and currently covers:
• Gas-fired space heating and hot water systems
• Hot water storage cylinders
• Water treatment products

Vaillant is always interested in receiving feedback on work carried out installers listed on our website. If you would like to share your experiences with us, please email us on: contact@vaillant.co.uk


As a time served City & Guild Pumber with over 25 years experience you can be confident you have the right tradesman for the job. I was the recommended installer for The Bristol Bathroom Company for around 4 years and in that time fitted around 30 bathrooms a year. This included any alterations needed, plastering, lighting, tiling and carpentry work, contractors are used for these jobs.


There are two types of power flushing the 1st one is flushing a system before installing a new boiler per the manufactures instructions which is included in my price when fitting a new boiler.

The 2nd is to remove the build up of black sludge in the radiators and pipe work due to systems pumping over the feed & expansion tank or sealed systems with a leak being topped up with fresh water. When I carry out this type of work I make sure the system is working as it should by altering any pipe work needed to stop the system from pumping over or fixing any leaks on sealed systems. This type of flushing take around a day depending on the size of the system and the amount of slugde build up in the radiators.

Prices start at £350.00 plus VAT I would need to inspect the system before giving a quote.



Please contact me for a free quotation
Phone: 01179 837 442
Mobile: 07973 530 959
Email: info@johnpresland.co.uk

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